The Weird and Mysterious United States: Mysteries, Legends, and Unexplained Phenomena across America

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*Includes pictures
*Describes America's most infamous legends, conspiracy theories, mysteries, and more
*Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading
*Includes a table of contents

The states comprising the Northeast have a long history as some of the earliest colonies in the New World. Their rich folklore and colorful history is woven into the national identity, and destinations such as Plymouth Rock, the lighthouses of Maine, and Vermont’s autumn leaves are quintessential symbols of the United States. But the Northeast has always had a dark side, a strange side. Monsters and ghosts lurk in its woods and old houses, and strange monuments that may be from a forgotten civilization puzzle local investigators. All the while, the early inhabitants themselves were always superstitious, as evidenced by history’s most famous witch trials at Salem.

The American South has given birth to many of the nation’s great stories and legends. From the earliest Colonial times, it’s been a place of mystery, replete with disappearing colonies and strange apparitions in the woods, but the South’s long and proud history has always had a darker, and stranger, side to it. In fact, one of America’s most famous mysteries was its first. Future settlements in the area would survive and start to flourish, and that would bring more mystery and unexplained phenomena. Tales of monsters and ghosts lurking in its woods and old houses, and strange monuments that may be from a forgotten civilization, puzzle local investigators.

The Midwest is rich in history and folklore, and it has more than its fair share of mysteries, too. Strange creatures, Native American legends, haunted houses, and unexplained phenomena are rife in these states, and this book will uncover just a sample of the countless strange tales of America’s heartland.

The Wild West captured the imagination of people all the way back to the days when it really was wild. Even in the 19th century, its fame spread thanks to dime novels, travelogues, Wild West shows, and theater plays, and people were thrilled by tales of exploration and gunfights. Naturally, in the process of settling the frontier, the adventures contained countless numbers of strange stories, ranging from tales of monsters and lost mines to those about hidden cities and men coming back from the dead. It was a vast, unexplored country, and many mysteries could hide in the unmapped mountain ranges and seemingly endless plains.

For its part, the West Coast of the United States has always been a center of mystery. Native American legends, tantalizing traces of Chinese visits in the Middle Ages, lost gold mines, and supernatural visitations are only some of the phenomena in a region rich with stories of the unknown.

The Weird and Mysterious United States: Mysteries, Legends, and Unexplained Phenomena across America offers a sampling of strange, unexplained, and just plain odd stories across America’s various regions. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about the weird and mysterious side of the United States like never before.

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